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Investing is essential to having the resources that are important in your life.  Whether you would like to buy a house, pay for your children’s college tuition, plan a dream vacation or make sure you are covered in retirement, learning to invest money is an essential tool that can make it happen.  Many people sometimes forgo investing because they think it is too difficult, however investing can be extremely easy.  Following are three easy ways to learn to invest.

Contribute to Your Employer’s 401K plan
Many employers include the benefit of 401K plans to help their associates invest.  401K plans are one of the easiest ways to invest.  401K plans allow employees to invest in the stock market, mutual funds, bonds and even company stock.  Once you sign up to a 401K plan, you can choose which investments you would like to make and how much you intend to contribute each pay period.  For instance, many employers allow their employees to contribute from 1% all the way up to 15% or more each pay period.  The great part of 401K investment plans is that they are easy to join and are tax free at the time of contribution, this way you allow the power of compound interest to grow your investments even quicker. 

IRA’s stand for Individual Retirement Accounts.  Whether you work for a company or are self employed, you can easily invest in an IRA each year.  IRA’s are available at most banks and financial institutions and guidelines are controlled by the US government.  You can easily save money each year that is tax free at the point of contribution.  In fact, when many workers leave their job or retire, they move their employer’s 401K plan into an IRA in order to keep their investment growing.  Depending on your marital status and income will determine the max amount you can save.  IRA’s generally give investors good returns and deemed moderate to low risk investment vehicles.

Online Brokerage Houses
For those that are interested in independently investing on their own, you should look into online brokerage houses.  You can easily and affordably invest in most stocks, bonds and mutual funds via an online brokerage.  Signing up is fast and easy and usually requires you to open an account in which you place funds to trade with.  Besides executing trades (buying and selling), there are a host of tools available and lots of information made available by these brokerage houses to help you make highly informed investment decisions.

Whether you are working for a large company, self employed or would like to invest independently, take a look at the above three ways to easily invest your money.

Learn Three Easy Ways to Invest Money