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Your credit score is low. This could be from medical bills, or overspending on credit cards. Either way you need to raise it in order to be able obtain future loans. First step is obtain your credit report from the 3 credit agencies. You can obtain your report from They offer a free credit report from all 3 agencies once a year.

Next step is to make sure the reports are correct. Don't be surprised to find mistakes. Contact the agency and let them know there are mistakes on your report so they can correct them. All 3 credit agencies work a little differently so it's important to check all 3 reports. Also if you want to know your credit score there will be a small fee as only the reports are free.

The best way to raise a credit score is to take out an affordable small loan and repay it. By showing you can make timely payments and payoff even small loans this will enable your score
to rise.

How To Raise A Credit Score

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