When trying to get a bad credit auto loan, one should know how to go about it by researching your credit report. Many lenders are honest, but some are not and will try and take you for the most they can get. Know your rights as an individual, even if you have a low credit score. Do not make a deal that you know you cannot afford. It is better to walk away from a car loan than to get in too deep with payments that are too high.
Prices for cars for individuals with bad credit may also be higher than for those with a good credit rating.

But the price should only be a few hundred dollars higher. Any price higher than that and you could be dealing with a dishonest lender.

Understand the pricing behind the car, and have a CarFax applied on any car you are extremely interested in purchasing.
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Bad Credit Auto Loans

Some car financing lenders take advantage of consumers with bad credit, and to those who are unprepared when they go to purchase a vehicle. So before giving any personal information to a lender, do a check on their business through the BBB or Chamber of Commerce. Do not be embarrassed because of poor credit as you have the right to proper treatment by financial lenders when seeking short term loans with bad credit.

When acquiring an auto loan, you may pay a higher interest rate than those with good credit. These numbers could go as high as 17% depending on how bad your credit score. Just make sure a dishonest lender doesn't try and pass off a much higher interest loan or bad credit loan to you.

Bad Credit Car Loans